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   Building a property management company requires a combination of skills,knowledge, and resources. 

                                             Friday-. 09/06/2024

                              By Joseph Kiggundu

            Here are the key factors worthy considering in building a property management firm in Uganda(East Africa).

1. Industry expertise;

Firstly understand the property management industry, local regulations, and best practices. Industry overview, property management is the daily oversight of the property or real estate including rent collection,repairs and maintenance,tenants regulations etc.

a)So the managers key roles; are tenants placements,screening, arranging repairs and ensuring compliance with landlord-tenant laws. c) There are different types of management; such as residential,commercial and industrial,each with its ownset of practices and regulations. d) Market trends; The industry is growing, with an expected increase in employement and a steady rise in producer price index (PPI) for property management service. e) Understanding the financial part is very crucial including how managers are compaseted, budgeting for maintenance, and the impact on the gross domestic product (GDP).

2. Business planning:

Develop a comprehensive business plan, including market analysis, financial projections, and market strategies.In business planning. a) you shoud brainstorm an executive summary of a concise elevator pitchstyle sentence that communcates your business name, the products or services your offering. b) create a company description this includes your business registerd name,address, and key employees, specify the business strucutures eg sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, corporation etc. c) brainstorm your business goals, asses your progress towards the existing goals and set new ones, consider financial,profit, and brand awareness and growth goals.

3. Licensing and certifications:

Obtain necessary licenses and certifications, such as a property management license, real estate license, or certificates like CAPS,CAM, or ARM. These licenses and certificates demonstrates expertise and shows that your company has the necessary knowledge and skills to manage properties effectively, and it builds trust and comfidence in your company's abilities, lastly it gives your company the industry recognisation.

4. Insurance and legal compliance:

Secure appropriate insurance coverage (e.g., E&O, liability) and ensure legal compliance with local and state regulations. Here are some of types of insurance that a property management company should consider.

  a)General liability insurance; Covers bodily injury or property damage to third parties for which the company may be liable. b) Auto liability insurance; Protects against liability claims arising from vechile or motorcyle use in the operations. c) Workers compesation insurance; Covers employee work-related injuries or illnesses. d) Property insurance; Covers physical business assets against damage from events like fires, theft, and storms or earth quake. e) Errors and Omissions insurances(Proffesional liability insurance) this one helps the company to cover the mistakes that arise from mistakes in professional services.

5 Technology and software:

Invest in property management software, accounting systems, and other tools to streamline operations and communication. There are many software and technology for property management but it depends specifically on your needs forexample there is buildium, Appfolio,property matrix etcs for property management accountancy, and the most frequent property management software features include but are not limited to, trust accounting, scheduling of maintenance works etc.

6. Team building:

Hire experienced professionals, including property managers, maintenance staff, and administrative support. Building a team in  property management requires a combination of skills, knowledge, and personalities. Select a team that align with your company's values and goals, offer ongoing training,mentorship, and opportunities for growth and advancement, provide comprehensive training on property management software, processes, and best practices, encourage open communication, feedback, and collaboration among team members. Some key roles to consider in a property management team include; 1. Property manager: Oversees property operations, tenant relations, and maintenance. 2. Assistant property manager: Supports property managers and assists with administrative tasks. 3. Leasing agent: Handles tenant acquistion, lease agreements, and marketing. 4. Maintenance coordinator: schedules and oversees maintenance and repairs. 5. Accountant/bookkeeper: manages financial transactions, invoicing, and budgeting. 6. Administrative assistant: provides general administrative support for the team. 7. Marketing specialist: Develops and implements marketing strategies. 8. Customer service representative.

7. Marketing and advertising:

Develop a marketing strategy to attract clients, including property owners, investors, and renters. Here are some ways to market a property management firm. a) social media: leverage platforms like facebook. twitter, and linkedln to reach wider audience. Share engaging content, property listings, and testimonials. b) local listings: List your company in local directories like Uganda property center, property finder, and other online classifieds. c) attend real estates events, comferences,and other industry professionals b) local press, and advertise in local papers and real estates magazines to reach targeted audience.

8. Network and partnerships:

Build relationships with local real estate agents, contractors, and vendors to expand your network and offer comprehensive services. This will help your company to expand your services , in this you have to collaborate with contractors, vendors, and other professionals to offer comprehensive services, increase efficiency, enhance credbility and access new markets plus staying updated in the market, parnerships helps your company to cut costs through better rates negotiations.

9. Financial resources:

Secure sufficient funding to cover startup costs, marketing, and initial operational expenses. This will your startup company to kick and reach your initial goals in order to satisfy your customer service focus and lastly priopritize excellent customer service to build a reputation and grow your business through referrals and word of mouth.


Remember, building a successful propertybmanagement company takes time, effort, and dedication. Stay up date with industry trends, best practices, and local regulations to ensure long term success.

            Joseph Kiggundu is a graduate of Community Psychology from Makerere University Kampala and Managing Director of Sparta Properties LTD




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