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     When and Why you need a KCCA's approval to build your house within Kampala city or its Metro

What you need to know:

Seeking permission from the relevant authorities (KCCA) may seem like another one of those tedious processes one has to endure to build their home, it may even be tempting to ignore. However, it could cost you your fortune.

The Spokesman of Kampala capital city authority, Mr. Peter kaujju says one must first engage the services of a certified architect to draw a proper plan of the house or building. He also says that the architect should also be able to advise whether the soil is strong enough to carry the intended building.

"Most cases people build huge houses in swamps or sandy areas which in the long run collapse because the soil texture cannot withhold the weight of the building" Kaujju says

When do you take your plan for approval

"After the architect has done his work, you then take your plan to KCCA physical planning committee for approval attached with all the necessary ownership documents which include the title deed, sales agreement or letters of administration. The physical planning committee sits every Thursday to look at these applications," he said. and also added that " The development application can either be approved, differed or rejected by the committee", it is illegal to commence construction without the approval and could earn you prosecution in the courts of law" Kaujju warns. Recently a man he identified as SSentongo of Kamwokya was sentenced to a fine of Shs 20m by thew KCCA  court for constructing a building without the approval of KCCA committtee. We have been prosecuting very many builders but it's up to the judge of KCCA to determine the kind of sentence or fine or imprisonment or both according to the signifancy of the damage caused by the collapsed building". Peter says

Many people in various areas of Kampala erect buildings without the approval of KCCA claiming the processes is tedious.  Henry of Kisaasi says he has been constructing his house on Sundays in order to avoid the KCCA house inspectors. " I did not have time to wait fpr those people in KCCA, when you to their offices to ask for their services its as if they are doing you a favour so i decided to do it my way". Henry says.

The consquences

Claire Nanteza of Kulambiro was not so lucky" those KCCA law enforcement officers came to my siter and knocked down my building which had reached beam level because i had not got their approval" she lamented "they also took away my building material which included cement,wheelbarrows etc when i followed up to their division headquarters they wanted me to pay a fine, I have not gone back" she says.

Kaujju says they ask for the building plan to check and ensure that buildings are compatible with the KCCA plan given area "Some times people construct semi permanent structures in the city where they are not suppossed to be" PETER KAUJJU said. He adds that some people build high raise houses in an area meant for low raise buildings and vice versa, while others may construct their structure in an area planned for something else. "We also do that putting in mind access road, water pipes and electricity lines as well" Kaujju says Depending  on the compliance with the standards, if you have no any querries it takes only two weeks for your plan to be approved Kaujju finalised.


What does the law say?

All persons intending to erect buildings within Kampala and other surrounding districts (KAMPALA,WAKISO,MUKONO) are therefore required by law (Kampala Capital City Authority, KCCA act ) to fill an application for approval of plans which is reviewed by the Metropolitan Physical Planning Authority.

The form indicates the plans, sections, elevations, location and block plans and details for new building, alternations, additions for use as domestic building dwelling house, public building of the warehouse class, in accordance with building rule No. 6 of the KCCA .

The metroplotan physical planning authority consisting of a chairperson and four other persons all appointed by the minister with the approval of cabinet.

The members are qualified and experienced in physical planning, civil engineering, architecture, environment, public health or survey and their main job is to ensure thal all structures fit in the metropolitan plan. The KCCA Act 22 (2) gives the metropolitan authority power to reject physical plans or activities that are inconsistent with the metropolitan authority developement plan the metropolitan structural plan or land use policy. 22 (3) The metroplitan shall make sure that all land use in the city and the metropolitan area follows designated plans irrespective of the tenure of land 


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